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Affordable Housing Preservation Program

Building Exterior


Denver, Colorado


Enterprise Community Partners

Project Type:

Policy Analysis & Research; Program Development & Evaluation

Project Status:


The Project:

Affordable housing stock that is comprised of unsubsidized affordable rental units is referred to as “Currently Unsubsidized but Affordable” (CUBA). It has also been referred to as “Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing” (NOAH). This category is often comprised of small to medium-sized multifamily apartments that are privately owned, often by small business landlords, and have remained affordable often because of their historic locations in lower income areas but are now experiencing rental increase pressures due to shifting real estate markets. 

Our Role:

Lindsay was responsible for identifying and building relationships with CUBA property owners throughout Colorado who may benefit from services offered by Enterprise and/or who would like to sell their property or portfolio while preventing displacement of residents and guaranteeing longer term affordability. 

Other responsibilities included:

  • Collaborating with Preservation Network partners including CHFA, DOH and the City of Denver to find and realize opportunities to identify CUBA property owners through their data and programs;

  • Developing and sending outreach materials (email, mail, or other) to CUBA property owners;

  • Working with Enterprise marketing staff to create a web landing page for CUBA property owners to learn about Enterprise and register for future updates;

  • Researching and cataloging available resources to support CUBA property owners and their residents. 

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