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Sun Valley Redevelopment

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Denver, Colorado


Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center

Project Type:

Community Development Consulting, Program Development and Evaluation

Project Status:


The Project:

The Sun Valley neighborhood in Denver, Colorado is undergoing the redevelopment of 300+ public housing units and plans to replace them with mixed-income housing units. Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center (SVKCC) has been a critical organization during this process for the residents that have been or are being displaced by providing the community with services and a place to feel safe, heard, and welcome. Current programs include the No-Cost Grocery Program (food pantry); a social enterprise restaurant and commissary kitchen that offers employment, training, and professional development opportunities; and youth employment and professional development programs.

Our Role:

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lindsay assisted Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center in serving past, current, and future residents during the redevelopment as well as helping facilitate the organization's growth and advocacy role in West Denver. Lindsay spearheaded the creation of new programs and facilitated the expansion of existing programs, including:

  • The Sun Valley Rising Viaduct Night Markets on May 14th and August 20th, 2022 under the Colfax Viaduct to showcase local chefs and artisans with a focus on supporting vendors from Sun Valley and West Denver;

  • History Colorado Museum of Memory project showcasing the history of the Sun Valley neighborhood through a community-led project that bring together former and new residents to explore together the shared memories of their community;

  • A Community Advocacy Plan to address the needs of existing, returning, and new residents in Sun Valley and engage local representatives and stakeholders involved in construction, redevelopment, and relocation to facilitate conversations to address the critical concerns of residents;

  • Expanding SVKCC's Youth Employment and Professional Development program to include academic and college readiness support, monthly professional development workshops, a youth athetics program, and an after school program.

Lindsay served as SVKCC's Interim Director from February-May 2023.


The Sun Valley redevelopment has received significant media attention since the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) was awarded a $30 million Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) Implementation Grant from HUD to implement the Sun Valley Neighborhood Transformation Plan.  We believe the following article represents the most up-to-date coverage of the redevelopment as well as SVKCC's role in serving and advocating for and with residents:

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