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West Denver Rising International Marketplaces

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Denver, Colorado


Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center, Denver Streets Partnership

Project Type:

Community Development Consulting

Project Status:


The Project:

The West Denver Rising Initiative brings together the Little Saigon, Sun Valley, and BuCu West communities to collaboratively plan and carry out a series of international marketplaces featuring local entrepreneurs and businesses, paired with culturally appropriate placemaking and public art, with the goal of developing a sustainable, long-term business model for continuing to host marketplaces in each of the three communities for years to come.

Our Role:

As one of three members of the Executive Committee for the West Denver Rising Initiative, Lindsay was responsible for co-creating, planning, and implementing four cultural marketplaces in 2022 in three West Denver neighborhoods. The marketplaces included a Lunar New Year Festival in the Little Saigon Business District, "Westwood Chili Fest" on Morrison Road, and two international marketplaces in the Sun Valley neighborhood showcasing various African, Vietnamese, and Latin-American handmade goods and cuisine. Lindsay was the lead organizer for the Sun Valley Viaduct Night Markets in 2022.


Lindsay's responsibilities included the following:

  • Establish and convene the West Denver Rising Initiative Steering Committee with the goal of drafting a detailed collaborative work plan for four West Denver Rising international marketplace events in 2022;

  • Lead the planning and execution of two Viaduct Night Markets in Sun Valley;

  • Establish and convene a Sun Valley Planning Committee to collaboratively plan and execute the Sun Valley Viaduct Night Markets with Sun Valley residents and stakeholders;

  • Build on existing community activation and engagement work by engaging youth & other residents in visioning processes to activate community spaces;

  • Glean a comprehensive understanding of community needs and vision for the marketplaces, how they can benefit residents, business owners and community, what the unintended consequences might be, and unmet resource needs for the project;

  • Generate ideas for long-term financial sustainability and generate sponsorships for all four community events.

All four events received significant media attention and recognition from local and state government officials while highlighting and financially supporting local chefs, artisans, and small businesses.

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