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Colorado Challenge Program 

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Communities throughout Colorado


Downtown Colorado, Inc.

Project Type:

Program Development and Evaluation

Project Status:


The Project:

DCI's Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program is a team building accelerator focused on establishing a proposal that engages public, private, and non-profit partners to address a significant community challenge over the course of twelve months. The program includes five phases of planning and development that help Colorado communities establish a plan for community-wide initiatives to foster sustainable community and economic development.

Our Role:

Lindsay worked with DCI's President and Staff to identify challenges and opportunities for the Challenge Program. To evaluate the efficacy of the program, Lindsay created and distributed a survey and conducted interviews of past program participants. She also facilitated a Challenge Community Summit which brought past and current participants of the program together to discuss their experiences, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Following the program evaluation, Lindsay created a document called, "The Challenge Program In Review," that included participant highlights, best practices, and a SWOT analysis of the program. The document will be used as marketing material for the program as well as informational material for current and future participants.


  • DCI Challenge Program In Review (2020)

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