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Student Life Feasibility Study

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Denver, CO


University of Colorado Denver

Project Type:

Program Development and Evaluation, Policy Analysis and Research

Project Status:


The Project:

In response to numerous student inquiries, the University of Colorado Denver's Office of Student Life commissioned a feasibility study for a Greek Life community at CU Denver. The study addressed the following objectives:

  • Assess CU Denver students' attitudes towards Greek Life 

  • Conduct a literature review to examine the impacts of Greek Life institutions on academics, student retention, student engagement, and diversity and inclusion

  • Research similar universities' Greek Life policies

  • Assess housing opportunities on and around the campus

Our Role:

Lindsay designed and completed the 9-month feasibility study as the Graduate Assistant for Greek Life. She wrote and conducted campus-wide surveys, focus groups, and interviews of students; conducted a literature review of the effects of Greek Life on college campuses; and drafted a model Greek Life program and budget that was informed by best practices. 

The results of the study showed that

  • The majority of CU Denver students welcomed the idea of Greek Life on campus

  • CU Denver students (both for and against Greek Life) were concerned about Greek Life's exclusive history, cost, and image 

  • Greek institutions have historic and institutional biases towards people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, and other marginalized populations

  • Many fraternities exhibit issues with sexism and sexual assault 

  • Cultural or ethnically-based Greek organizations have a positive impact on students' academics, retention, and engagement, especially for students from historically marginalized groups or backgrounds 

  • Greek organizations have a positive impact on academics, student retention, and student engagement

Following the presentation of the feasibility study to the Office of the Provost, Lindsay was asked to author a Diversity and Inclusion Plan for Greek Life that would help ensure that CU Denver's Greek Life program will be equitable, inclusive, transparent, and affordable.


Utilizing Lindsay's recommendations and the Diversity and Inclusion Plan, the university hired a Greek Life Coordinator to begin the process of instituting an intentionally-inclusive and multicultural Greek Life program on campus. Still in its beginning stages, the CU Denver's Sorority and Fraternity Life has the following mission: "By 2023, CU Denver Sorority and Fraternity Life will be one of the leading sorority and fraternity community models with a national reputation for excellence in leadership development, cultural sensitivity and inclusion, and community contribution."


  • Diversity and Inclusion Plan for Greek Life (2016)

  • Greek Life Feasibility Study (2015)

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