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Empower Field at Mile High - Community Benefits Agreement

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Denver, CO​


Westside Stadium Community Coalition 

Project Type:

Community Development Consulting, Policy Analysis and Research

Project Status:


The Project:

After a year of planning, community input, and multiple agencies working together, the Denver City Council approved the Stadium District Master Plan to transform the southern parking lots of the Broncos stadium into a new mixed-use neighborhood. The development would help fund the stadium and inevitably transform the Sun Valley neighborhood, the neighborhood immediately adjacent to the proposed development.

Soon after, the Westside Stadium Community Coalition (WSCC) was formed to develop and negotiate, as well as facilitate the resulting administration of, a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with the master developer. The WSCC is made up of resident leaders and equity-oriented non-profit, government, and business stakeholders from the Sun Valley neighborhood and the West Denver impact area. The purpose of the CBA is to mitigate the negative impacts of development, including displacement, and to foster economic and social benefits for West Denver residents. 

The Stadium District redevelopment is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Once the development project begins, the WSCC will reconvene to formally negotiate the terms of the CBA with the chosen master developer.

Our Role:

Lindsay worked as Project Manager for the Westside Stadium Community Coalition. She performed extensive research, exploring best practices in Community Benefits Agreements throughout the United States and conducting a review of policy research related to CBAs and equitable development to inform the group's priorities. In addition to research, she conducted community outreach, including but not limited to creating and distributing surveys to hundreds of Sun Valley residents; planning and organizing community outreach presentations, and creating an organizational website. She also organized and facilitated all of the coalition's meetings and provided administrative support to the organization's leaders. 

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